Fenix Joins The Co-Op Mode in StarCraft 2

New Co-op Commander Preview Video: Fenix

Blizzard has presented a new video dedicated to the latest command to join the fray in StarCraft 2 co-op. Those who played the original StarCraft may fondly remember Fenix as fearless praetor who fell to the Swarm on Korhal during the Brood Wars. StarCraft 2 features not quite the same Praetor we remember. Or does it?

Before his death, his consciousness including all of his memories and emotions was uploaded into a sophisticated data network as part of the secret purifier project. When the Protoss leader, Artanis, sought a weapon to aid in his fight against Amon, he encountered the remnants of the purifier project along with the Fenix prototype. It was then that he was activated.

Players can change between 3 distinct power suits, each one complete with unique abilities. However, only one can be active at any time so keep an eye on energy, shields and health!

Praetor armour has the following abilities:

  • Thunderous charge that briefly stuns enemies after impact
  • Shield capacitor that fully restores his shields
  • Whirlwind which will help players clean out large chunks of enemies

Solarite Dragoon will offer its own choice of abilities:

  • Solar Cannon is a powerful ability that strikes ground enemies in a row
  • Solarite Flare hits all enemies in the air
  • Arsenal Overcharge removes all cooldowns and allows to use the other abilities in rapid succession to bring havoc on the battlefield

Cybros Arbiter:

  • Stasis Field can cut enemy’s attack force in half providing Fenix with an opportunity to pick on more manageable groups of enemies
  • Recall allows teleporting of allied forces to the commander’s position on the map
  • Cloaking Field hides allied units from enemies

Check out the video for more details! You can also take a look at the official blog post on the new commander.

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