StarCraft: Remastered – Player Banned From Tournament For Winning It With… Foot

Last week during StarCraft: Remastered Zotac Cup Masters Showmatch a Korean player Lim “Larva” Hong Gyu finished (and won!) the tournament by playing with his foot against a Chinese pro player named Luo “Legend” Xian.

Zotac, the company that sponsored the tournament, put out a statement (in Chinese) that threatened to ban Larva from attending any Zotac tournaments, including StarCraft. and expecting an apology from the player to his opponent. A statement from the U.S. branch of the company indicated that they “will make sure our rules on sportsmanlike conduct are clearly communicated to the competitors”.

Kotaku mentioned that Lim “Larva” Hong Gyu tried to straighten things out with his opponent, but Legend refused to hear his apology and called him “trash“.  The Korean player, however, doesn’t seem worried over the prospect of a ban.

Meanwhile, in a race for World First Mythic Argus, World of Warcraft raider from a top US guild Limit holds DDoS attacks on his comrades to get their raid spot. Competitive gaming is serious business!

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  1. Dang! Korea pwns you with their feet! ZOTAC and “Legend”, don’t be so salty.

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