StarCraft vs. Other RTS Games


StarCraft became a cultural phenomenon when it stormed PCs everywhere. Blizzard Entertainment’s 1998 hit was a science fiction adventure that achieved unprecedented success. The company already triumphed with the Warcraft series, but the genre reached a whole new level with this breakthrough game.

Compared to turn-based strategy games, real-time strategy games deliver a level of adrenaline that brings players right into the middle of the battlefield. Although the competition was present in games like Dune II, Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, Warhammer, and Command & Conquer, there was something special about StarCraft that boosted its reputation and separated it from the rest of the pack.

While 2021 has seen little expansion in the genre, the StarCraft series is still at the forefront of gamers’ minds when it comes to RTS games. In what way is StarCraft different from other games in the genre, and how has it become known as a classic?

Unique Storyline and Narrative 

The RTS genre appealed to what history knew of war – and it fell back on medieval high-fantasy and world-war panoramas. StarCraft, on the other hand, took the science-fiction route and incorporated deep lore that engaged millions of players all over the world. Each mission was action-packed and well-rendered, and the players were strung together with not only a strong narrative combining great characters but their views on politics as well.

In fact, the story was so loved that it spawned a series of sequels, expansion packs, and novels that expanded on the in-game universe. Many people still remember the old characters and plotlines that involved much deeper thinking than the usual run-of-the-mill video game stories. Not only did the game feel right, but it also made you think and feel good.

Starcraft 1

Interesting Faction Gameplay

 RTS gameplay is perfect for those who love fast-paced battles, pulling off amazing strategies throughout the match and in the nick of time. Winning is satisfying, and losing feels like just another lesson learned.

The rock-paper-scissors setup of the Terrans, Protoss, and the Zergs was a fun way to switch up the game. Each match suddenly gets a whole new dimension because of this mechanic, encouraging many more gameplay styles and ensuring nail-biting encounters every time. The possibilities for the next move feel endless. While it can be an overwhelming experience for those not baptized in the RTS world, getting the hang of it and discovering your own playstyle is a rewarding experience in its own right.

Addictive Online Multiplayer

Excellent online play was a dream in the making back in the 1970s. Once the internet reached the regular consumer in the 90s, the gaming trend followed suit. The original StarCraft caught the first wave, and StarCraft II cemented the game’s status in 2010.

Blizzard got the franchise off to a false start due to server problems. However, the company persevered in delivering customer service, proving it was capable and determined to turn the tides. Ultimately, it was a later version of the StarCraft game that started to reel loads of players into the community. Blizzard knew its market and who to cater to, which ultimately resulted in a loyal player and fan base. The company’s numerous years of experience and the game’s finesse added a whole new layer to the RTS genre and brought roaring success.

Unforgettable Esports Legacy

 StarCraft’s sequel StarCraft II was a landmark esport that took leagues and betting competitions to a new level. Today, the 2010 game continues to be played, watched, and bet on by enthusiasts from all over the world. The superstar gamers have fame and fortune within their grasp due to the sheer magnitude of the audience that the series continues to gather.

The game has been particularly revered in South Korea. The country’s ardor for the game birthed a cult following, with the fan base developing teams and players who enjoy a celebrity status of a kind. Their popularity could rival those of their K-pop counterparts, and you won’t have any trouble finding Korean representatives rising to the top of international StarCraft circles.

Now, Blizzard Entertainment has stopped publishing updates for the massively popular game. Nevertheless, the craze continues. While we may never see StarCraft become a trilogy, there might be a new kid on the block – Frost Giant Studios. This development studio is composed of the same creative geniuses behind both StarCraft and Warcraft, and they seem to be gearing up to breathe new life into the real-time strategy genre. Will they strike RTS gold once more? Will the world fall in love with their new game, and will that spark the creation of a new community, new esports teams, new betting industry? Only time will tell.

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