Starpoint Gemini 3 Launch Date Arrives

Starpoint Gemini 3

Little Green Men Games has announced that the 1.0 version of Starpoint Gemini 3 is ready for release on Thursday, November 5th. The game is currently available via Steam with a sweet 10% reduction in price for the next ten days. Players can purchase SPG3 for $29.99 less 10% from now through November 15th.

The game allows players to take on space adventures in either first- or third-person and combines both space simulation with “sporting flight mechanics” that are said to be similar to Freelancer. In addition, players will find RPG elements and an open-world system with a story-driven campaign. In short, SPG3 seems to do it all. Along the way, players will fight an array of ships including smaller ships and capital ships. They will participate in mining asteroids, scavenging space junk, investigating interiors of shipwrecks, scanning anomalies, researching anomalies, repairing space objects, and much more.

Other features include:

  • three different planetary systems
  • action space combat
  • RPG skills
  • modular ship upgrading system
  • crafting
  • mining and exploration,
  • a variety of characters
  • “an engaging storyline written by Darko Macan”

Check out the Starpoint Gemini 3 Steam page to learn more.

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