Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gets Update 2.0

Little Green Men (LGM), the team behind the Starpoint Gemini franchise, has released the newest update to Starpoint Gemini Warlords, bringing the space combat/empire building hybrid up to version 2.0. Warlords left Early Access just under a year ago, and LGM has spent that time fixing bugs and optimizing the game engine to deliver a more polished gaming experience, all while addressing one of the communities biggest wishes – more diplomacy options.

According to Nikola Jukic, lead script and project manager for the  2.0 Update:

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a great game on its own, although players always wanted to have more abilities and more options when it comes to diplomacy with the other factions. That is why we wanted to do a complete diplomacy overhaul for the game, from the ground up. Of course, this isn’t something that happens overnight. Diplomacy overhaul was a lengthy process. We had to break things apart, put a lot of updates and fixes in the middle, and put them back together to make everything work as intended.

LGM and publisher Iceberg Interactive released a full list of upgrades for version 2.0, with key features including:

  • Diplomacy overhaul
    • AI faction (both friendly and neutral) multiple scenario reaction on player infrastructure development (war declaration, resource support, war threats, peace pleads)
    • AI faction (both friendly and neutral) multiple scenario reaction on player research progress (war declaration, resource support, war threats, peace pleads)
    • AI faction self-triggered interaction
    • AI faction alliance requests/Factions want you to attack other factions
  • Engine optimization
    • GPU related crash issues fixed
    • Minor memory leak issues fixed
    • Script system performance drain issue optimized
    • Several mod issues fixed
    • Improved mod related issues event logging
    • A.I. Factions will attack player on Declaration of War.
    • Linking/Hacking satellites will trigger faction reactions

Current owners of Starpoint Gemini Warlords can scoop up the update on Steam for free, while new wannabe rulers of the universe can pick up the base game and 2.0 update, along with the entire Starpoint Gemini franchise, at discounts up to 80% off until April 29th.

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