State of Decay 2 – Anniversary Update Available Now!

This month State of Decay 2 turned two years old! To mark the occasion, the developers from Undead Labs have created a content pack full of items that celebrate the history of the State of Decay franchise.

We thank all our players, from those of you who’ve been with us from the first days of our apocalypse to the folks just joining us with the recent release of Juggernaut Edition. We hope this content pack brings back some treasured memories while also creating fun new ones!

The Anniversary Pack adds 8 new weapons to the game, including two heavy weapons you can find by scavenging.

  • Safari Razorback .44: The sidearm to grab when your elephant gun runs dry. Includes a muzzle brake and a military-grade scope. Unlock this beastly revolver by completing a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • F45 Tactical: A heavy, durable combat pistol with an optic, large mag, and fast-firing trigger. Claim this very special pistol by completing a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • AKS-74U Valentine:  Hard-hitting and fast-firing, this high-capacity submachine gun includes a sight and is chambered for rifle rounds. Add this gorgeous assault weapon to your arsenal by completing a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • Ancestral Talwar:  One of two unique blades wielded by the heroic Gurubani Kaur, who first appeared in the updated Breakdown mode in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. Unsheathe this lethal weapon by completing a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • Heirloom Khanda: The second of Gurubani Kaur’s iconic swords. To wield this hard-hitting blade, complete a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • Industrial Wrench: The One and Only. Made in the USA by the Big Ass Wrench Company, and guaranteed to last as long as you do. Make it yours by completing a task from the Bounty Broker.
  • Beetle Mallet: One swing is all you should need to knock down that horde… which is good, because you’ll be exhausted after two. This heavy weapon can be found by scavenging in the game.
  • Brick Hammer: Surprisingly lightweight and easy to swing for its size and knockdown.  For now, this heavy weapon is found exclusively in the remains of destroyed plague hearts.

This content update also includes four new outfits, a new hat, a new vehicle, and a new facility mod that’s perfect for celebrations!

  •  Logo Ninja Hoodie: There’s just one way to make the ninja hoodie more awesome: by adding the logo of your favorite zombie survival game! You can unlock this outfit in your Closet by logging into the game between May 19, 2020 and June 28, 2020.
  •  Undead Green Cattleman Hat: Now this is a hat that shows your true commitment to celebrating. Just like the Logo Ninja Hoodie, everyone who logs into the game between May 19, 2020 and June 28, 2020 receives this hat as a free gift!
  • Sand Shark Hoodie: Last seen on a unique survivor in the Breakdown DLC for the original State of Decay, this iconic outfit is now available for any of your community members to wear, because it’s already waiting in your Closet!
  • Brown Logo Combat Tee: Not everybody can pull off the t-shirt with combat pants look, but you’re special. Good news: this outfit is free to all players, so go check your Closet now!
  • Red Talon Bomber Jacket: This sharp-looking jacket will make you the envy of all. You just have to complete a bounty for the Bounty Broker!
  • Trumbull 4×4: This midsize pickup is designed for off-roading, with increased ground clearance and more suspension travel. In order to take it for a spin, you’ll need to complete a bounty for the Bounty Broker!
  • Anniversary Cake Oven: Last but certainly not least is a very special facility mod that lets you craft fiery, zombie-killing “anniversary cakes.” Because a party’s not a party until you’ve invited a bunch of zombies over and set them on fire. Talk to the Bounty Broker to learn how you can score this unique facility mod!

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