State of Decay 2 headed to Steam in early 2020

State of Decay 2

While Undead Labs’ State of Decay 2 has been out for PC for almost two years, it’s been exclusive to the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Game Pass. That’s going to change, however, in early 2020 when it is set for release on Steam.  There’s no specific date for the release though we assume it will come in Q1 2020 which ends on March 31st.

The team also indicated that fans will want to keep their eyes on the State of Decay 2 official site for “some wild surprises in the coming months”. What that means is anybody’s guess.

We’ll keep you posted as more is revealed

About State of Decay 2

The Apocalypse is Here. How Will You Survive?

SoD2 is an open-world survival-fantasy game for you and up to 3 co-op friends. After a zombie apocalypse, your small group of survivors seeks to rebuild a small corner of civilization, and you get to make all the decisions about how that happens.

You decide who to recruit to your team, where to settle your community, how to fortify and upgrade your base, and when it’s time to move to greener pastures. You select which survivor to bring along on a scavenging run for the food and ammo you need, and who you’ll use to fight off the zombies attacking your base. You choose how you’ll deal with other people who move into your town. Will you be friendly and welcoming… or will you aggressively defend your territory?

Every player’s experience in the game is unique. Each character in your community has their own special set of skills and traits, so no two communities are ever the same. The challenges you face also vary from game to game, based on who you recruit and the decisions you make along the way.


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