Three Maps Coming with State of Decay 2 at Launch

Three Maps

Undead Labs’ Sanya  Weathers has posted on the State of Decay 2 site about its three maps. At launch, the game will feature three big maps with different environments, landmarks, locations as well as layouts and strategies. Each will also have unique homes and missions for players.

So Why 3 Maps?

Weathers writes that three maps give players both more fun and more immersion. In a way, “it really feels like you’re moving from one small town to another”. It also gives the game world a much bigger feel as well as gives players a chance to use different strategies along the way.

So how will players transition from one map to another? What about all their stuff? Well, here’s your answer:

Design Director Richard Foge says that the intent is for us to be able to take all of our people, and everything in our supply lockers and rucks. We’ll have all the vehicles parked in our home site parking spaces, along with whatever’s stored in the trunks. We’re also going to get at least a partial refund on what we sunk into building our facilities.

Want to know more? Head to the State of Decay 2 site to read the full article.

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