The State Of The Stream 2019: Who Dominated Views As A Streamer, Platform or Game?

Have you wondered about how, who, and what games we watched most in 2019? Well, wonder no longer as I share data that tells us all these good things from and Stream Elements who not only share the overall percentage difference in 2019 but the increase or decrease since 2018.

Platform Wars

With streamers such as Ninja, shroud, Ewok, and Gothalion moving to Mixer. DisguisedToast, ZeRo, NexxuzHD, and Lolito FDEZ moving to Facebook Gaming. One might think this has had short-term impact but Mixer and Facebook Gaming were seeing growth even before these major shifts that are expected to have a bigger impact in the years to come.

Twitch followed these announcements getting Nick Eh 30 from YouTube and making a big deal out of extended contracts with DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and LIRIK. Although Youtube saw a 1% decrease in hours watched they joined the “musical streaming platform chair” game  signing on CourageJD and Lachlan from Twitch.

Game On

Since 2011 when Twitch launched, League of Legends has been the most popular game watched until last year when Fortnite took it’s place. In 2019, LoL took back it’s reign as number one! Change in percentages between both years shows that Fortnite had the biggest drop among the top games and interestingly Apex legends took a top ten spot from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

King of Twitch

Goes to professional Fortnite player Tfue, by a lot. Clocking in 87 million viewership hours the second place streamer is shroud who came in at 65 million.

Queen of Twitch

Highlights how much of a global platform Twitch is with 4 of the top 10 female streamers being Korean including the number one spot which is dominated by Saddummy.

These are not the only categories. To get the full run down you can download State of the Stream 2019 pdf  and let us know if you are surprised by any of the results in the comments below!

Let’s see how all our platforms, streamers and games do in 2020!

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