STATIONflow Pulls Into PC During April

STATIONflow, a brand new title from DMM games is about to change your morning commute forever when it arrives on Cp on 15 April.

Miss the morning commute? Can’t wait to get up close and personal with the rest of the city while breathing in somebody else’s eau de stink, then STATIONflow might just remind you why it’s called the great outdoors. From the unique mind of game producer Tak Fujii, the same mind behind GalMetal, comes a simulation game that allows a player to build and manage the metro station of their dreams, or nightmares.

“I am excited to share our latest project today,” said STATIONflow producer Tak Fujii. “This is a game created by a small team with big ideas and a big heart – and wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and hard work from game director Szabó Marcell. I hope players enjoy it, and I challenge everyone to make over one million passengers happy!”

Published by DMM games, STATIONflow is a management sim with an almost unique premise. While other transport simulators are busy showing gamers how to run a class 442 train or make it across the city in the local bus this particular title challenges players to keep a multi-level metro station running.

Manage To Manage

With the throng of humanity pushing its way from platform to train, players will need all their wits about them to manage the continuous non-stop flow of passengers. A free form building system and a whole suite of building tools should allow station managers to create a complex series of 3D layouts, adequate signage, and even amenities for the patrons that visit your very own metro station. It’s an interesting idea that seems a little bit Two Point Hospital crossed with Lemmings.

Thankfully, unlike many big infrastructure projects, this game looks to be on time and budget. It hit Early Access on Steam back in late 2019 and is already set to go live. If you’re ready to buy an advanced ticket then STATIONflow is still available as an Early Access title for £13.99 or local equivalent over on the official STATIONflow Steam Store page. Keep an eye out on Gamespace for our review when it departs Early Access.


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