Stay Safe! Jam Kicks Off Friday

stay safe! jam

Stay Safe! Jam, an inventive response to the current Corona pandemic is getting set to kick off on 27 March for two days of gaming goodness.

Creativity has always found a way to rise against adversity and a group of developers and associated supporting bodies are up for the challenge. While many of the industry are under lockdown or simply out of work due to travel and social restrictions, it seems that organizers Nukklear Digitial Minds decided that this shouldn’t stop talent. On 27 March the Stay Safe! game jam kicks off for a 48 hour digital game building event.

Rather than get up close and personal the Stay Safe! Jam is designed to go online and stay within current government guidelines on social distancing. Using all the digital tech available to us in the modern age, participating teams are able to hook up and hone their skills building original titles. More than a way to beat the boredom, this initiative is also n attempt to set an example around what can be done online.

Cohesion is always important. But in times of the Coronavirus it is even more important. In this extraordinary situation, everyone can do their part to improve the situation. The most important thing is to stay home so that the spread of the virus slows down. Just because you are at home does not mean that you cannot be creative. This is the idea behind the Stay Safe! Jam, which was initiated just last Thursday, based on an idea by Jan Cosfeld, our Art Director at NUKKLEAR.

It seems like plenty of the industry support this concept with partner and supporters such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, Crytek, Wargaming, and Devolver joining the quickly evolving event. Head over to the Stay Safe! Jam website to check out all the information on this unique game jam and to find out how to participate this Friday.


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