Steal the Ember of the East to Earn Big Prizes in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

It’s a new week which means tons of terrific new things to do in Red Dead Online. Players have more than a few ways to earn some great prizes, RDO$, and XP as well as a number of great discounts from the in-game shop. So, let’s take a look at what’s in store for RDO players throughout the week.

  • Steal the Ember of the East to earn Blood Money as well as Double RDO$ and XP.
  • Take on The Bluewater Contract and the Cornwall Contract to earn Double RDO$ and XP.
  • Complete a Clearing House Crime to earn bonus Capitale based on recorded Rank at the end of the day September 27th.
  • Complete any Blood Money contract and earn a Free Vest and XP.
  • Participate in group activities for a 30% XP boost for Posse members.
  • Free Fast Travel for the whole week!
  • 40% off all Off-hand Holsters
  • 30% off all Coats, Revolvers, and Select Skill Pamphlets
  • The Quick Draw Club No.3 Benefits are active through October 4th
  • Purchase all four parts of The Quick Draw Club to receive Halloween Pass No.2 for free.
  • Connect Prime Gaming accounts to Rockstar accounts for special benefits.

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to learn more about each of these opportunities.

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