Steam Improved Tag Browsing

Steam Improved Tag Browsing

The Steam Labs shared the latest store hub update, addressing Experiment 13 – the revamp of store hubs with powerful new tools for browsing, filtering and exploring deeper into categories. The blog post thanked everyone who’s tested and shared their feedback about the changes and shared a summary of changes already implemented based on the comments in users’ posts.

Experiment 13 Steam Updates Include:

  • Simplified the area above the item browser list view
  • Moved events and coming soon titles below the item browser list view
  • Updated the SPECIALS section with better logic for determining what titles to display, now called the CURRENT SPECIALS section. This section takes popularity of discounts into account, while the previous version merely displayed the deepest discounts.
  • Improved tag browsing: Refined the item browser by merging all of the subgenres into one list for easier exploration, plus moving a few features and themes around
  • Fixed the main carousel to filter out items based on store search preferences (hide ignored items, content types, etc.)
  • Various bug fixes

Check out the original Experiment 13 blog post where the developers shared their vision of the new update.

“When you join the experiment from the Steam Labs page, you will find that every category and tag page on the store has been updated, introducing these new layouts and features to hundreds of niche destinations throughout. You’ll encounter these pages by exploring the “Categories” drop-down in the store menu, or by clicking on tags from a game’s store page.”

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