Steam Weekly High Five: Flame Throwing Dinosaur or Gatling Gun Rhino?

Defy Gravity OR Be Trampled by it!

This week we’re travelling to exotic places, taking care of all the animals or battling them in weird and wonderful ways while trying not to jump over board. While over VR it’s zombie mode on mars as Assassin’s Creed Origins welcomes Discovery Tour mode and Metal Gear releases their survival mode.

Beast Battle Simulator

A physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring dinosaurs, animals, and humans. Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions VS. medieval knights; anything is possible! Watch as the beasts dismember and rip each other apart in gory detail! Developed Dog Hoggler.

Available on: Win $9.99

Abo Khashem

Start your adventure in the City of Torrid! Fight enemies in a whole new way, develop your entrepreneurial skills, explore dangerous dungeons, and discover hidden treasures! Experience the captivating journey of Abo Khashem. Developed by Moving Dimensions.

Available on: Win $29.99

Farm Together

Grow your own farm all by yourself, or cooperate with your friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience! Developed by Milkstone.

Available on: Win $14.99


Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship lets you take command of a ship and her crew, exploring a diverse, procedurally generated world and engaging enemy vessels in tactical combat. Developed by Fireblade Software.

Available on: Win $16.99

Lunch Truck Tycoon

Lunch Truck Tycoon 2 is an open world game that allows you to run your own food truck, earn trophies, and win various competitions. Developed by Diggidy.

Available on: Win $9.99


DMD Mars Mission

The Martian mining facility FK16 has been invaded by insects and mutated creatures and now the system reports that all human workers have been killed. It’s up to you and your assistant Isabel to save the situation. Developed by Fockagames.

Available on: Win/Vive $14.99

Killing Zombies With Friends

The premiere way to take down zombies to liven up the party. Push the boundaries to do what it takes to win. Compete with your friends against the clock to find out who has the better sleight-of-hand! Developed by Pablo Farias Navarro, published by Zenva.

Available on: Win/Vive $4.99


Conquer is an action-packed combat game set in an age of ancient times where the players will explore the game’s dilapidated world, the Yan Valley, which is occupied by evil beasts, carrying the sacred gift of the gods to complete a quest against evil. Developed by Wan Studio’s 

Available on: Win/Vive/Oculus $9.99

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