Steam’s Concurrent Users Hit 20 Million


One of the biggest breaking news that has happened on the Steam gaming platform is the new record that it has created for concurrent users. Its database has put up on its Twitter account on March 15, 2020, that a record number of 20 million users were accessing the platform concurrently. They have also gone on record to say that 6.2 million out of the 20 million were playing a game on this gaming client.

Reasons behind This Increase

Steam has said that this new figure of 20 million concurrent users has never happened before. They feel that the outbreak of the virus is the main reason behind this huge participation on their gaming platform. The new virus has affected most of the countries all over the world. Many countries have shut schools, offices, pubs, restaurants, etc., and asked people to stay home quarantined.

The folks who are staying at home would have logged into Steam to have some fun and to spend their time playing. The people had nothing else to do and were confined to their homes. They would have found some excitement and entertainment being at this gaming marketplace. The majority of the users were just loitering around and checking out the services of this website. There might be many who had opened this platform on their mobile or desktop and placed it in the background. The company has gone on record to say that the increase in the number of concurrent users might be because many people are locked in their homes due to the pandemic.

Many countries have advised their citizens to work from home. Most of the cities in the affected countries are on lockdown. So, everyone is stuck in their homes without much to do. There is no surprise that people are turning to online gambling and gaming platforms to keep themselves occupied. There is a sudden surge in the number of people visiting the online casinos for the past few weeks since the outbreak of the virus. Free penny slot machines became even more popular as developers keep creating new games with low wagers. The players find some solace and entertainment through the online casinos, as they cannot go anywhere else for getting entertained.

Nevertheless, it is a big achievement for Steam to have a record number of visitors visit their site at a given time.

What Is Steam?

Steam is one of the most popular online gaming platforms where you get to play, discuss, and even create games. It is the most happening hub for all gaming enthusiasts, as they get to access over 30,000 games in all kinds of genres. This is the online platform where you get to meet new games, form or join groups, chat with other players, etc. This genuine online games marketplace offers you unlimited fun all day and night. This legitimate game store is owned by Valve. So, users can use this platform to download, play, or even buy games. The games in your library will receive automatic updates for hassle-free playing experience.

Steam 1

Steam does not charge any monthly subscriptions. You pay for the games you buy from this service. This gaming client offers its users remote downloading, cloud saves, video streaming, and many other options to keep you engaged and offer everything that a gaming enthusiast wants. It is one of the best places to buy genuine new releases or to pre-order forthcoming games and titles.

Steam Saw a Big Rise in February

Steam has been seeing a rise in the number of users accessing their mobile app and their website from January 2020. This is the time when the Chinese people were isolating themselves and not venturing out in the public due to the outbreak of the virus. Steam saw a huge jump in the number of users accessing their site for the first time in over two years on 2nd February 2020.

The users who accessed the site on that day were over 18,537,490. This was the last big visit numbers that this giant gaming service had published and this happened in January 2018. The record number of visitors was 18,801,944 users and this surpassed the previous best visitor record by 300,000 users.

The pandemic has caused major countries in the world to shut down. People are advised to remain indoors and not venture outside to prevent its spread. This sudden pandemic strike has caused cancellations of many high profile events and meetings. Many popular sports events have been postponed from its scheduled dates. The biggest gaming industry event E3 2020 was canceled, and all live eSports events by EA also have been canceled.

March Visits Also on the Upscale

This online gaming marketplace is abuzz with visitors since January, and it does not look to slow down even after two months. The latest figures during the March 14th weekend put up by this company shows hitting a high of 20.3 million concurrent visitors. This is a new record when compared to the February simultaneous visit of close to 19 million users.

It can be said that over 15 million people had this application open on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices at one time. Some might have shopped for games, some might have used the chat application, and some might have left it open in the background. But, it is recorded that over 6 million were playing simultaneously at a given time, and this is an astounding figure.

Most Popular Steam Games

Steam 2

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular title played on this gaming platform. This multiplayer shooter title had seen 1 million simultaneous players using it on March 14. The other popular games on this platform include the Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six: Siege from UbiSoft, and DOTA 2 from Valve.

There are no big releases seen on this platform for the March weekend. The main reason why so many players were hooked on the Steam was the closure of the schools, work-from-home norms, and social distancing mandates in place in many countries.

It is believed that in the coming weeks, if not months, more fans could simultaneously be accessing the Steam platform, as the pandemic is not showing any signs of slowing down. There are new games set to be launched on Steam as well.

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