SteamWorld Quest Finally Comes to Steam

SteamWorld Quest

It’s not often that we see a game launch, succeed, and then make its way onto PC. Now SteamWorld Quest joins these unusual alumni as it hits PC, Mac, and Linux a the end of May.

First dealt out on the Nintendo Switch, in April, SteamWorld Quest is a role-playing card game that takes place in the SteamWorld universe. A bedtime fairytale told to the world’s infants, it follows a group of heroes as they set out on an adventure. They must stop a range of villains from awakening an even darker power that threatens to envelop the land. This party of adventurers must crawl dungeons, take on all comers, down dragons, and loot all the treasure all by playing with cards.

This particular adventure features some enjoyable combat with a turn-based system and a deck building option. Players can choose from over 100 punch cards to construct their very own deck and take down enemies. With three particular class of card and a range of new encounters, it should keep things interesting as you work your way through SteamWorld’s charming mix of traditional fantasy, and quirky steam-driven robots. If you are struggling to imagine this then the new Steam launch trailer should help clear things up.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to play any of the SteamWorld adventures yet, you can check out all of our SteamWorld reviews before this new adventure makes it over to Steam on 31 May. You can also find out more about SteamWorld Quest on the official game website.

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  1. I loved this game on the SWITCH, probably took me about 20 hours to complete, I really hope they come out with a DLC or something to expand the game..

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