Steelrising Trailer Is Nier La Révolution

Nacon Direct just wrapped up and during the direct to consumer showcase, dropped an awesome looking trailer for new title Steelrising.

Under development by Spiders, the same team that took us to Greedfall, Steelrising is a new twist on the action RPG genre set during the French revolution. In a somewhat alternate reality, it finds the French King Louis XVI holds sway over an automaton army. This mechanical monstrosity is busy terrorising the french People and putting down descent just as the revolution begins to rise.

Mechanical Uprising

The new trailer seems to feature the game’s protagonist, a robot of female proportions called Aegis. Serving as the bodyguard to Queen Marie-Antoinette, you will fight to turn the tide of history towards the French people by stopping the robot hordes of the King. You will also spend the game searching for your creator, learning more about yourself and the world around you. As Aegis moves through the streets of war-torn Paris, there will be plenty of options available to gamers. Balconies can are traversable, secret passages unlock, and avoid the open fighting on the streets. With so much carnage things might not be safe if you go out unarmed.

Thankfully, Aegis comes with a range of combat routines and upgrade. As a robot Aegis can be enhanced to make their robotic limbs more fluid, durable, or simply more powerful. With seven different weapons available there are plenty of different ways to dispatch the King’s metal soldiers. With yet another twisted historical tale, it looks like Spiders are out to build on their successes from Greedfall, with a little hint of Nier Automata to boot I’d imagine. When Steelrising eventually arrives it should cut a path onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X but we don’t quite have a release date yet. You can check out all the detail over at the official Steelrising website and head over to the Nancon replay for all the rest of the titles on today’s bill.


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