Steep – Nintendo Switch Version Cancelled

Steep Nintendo Switch version

Steep is Ubisoft’s sports simulator set in a snowy open world. While the game has not been incredibly popular, it had gathered a loving fanbase and was expected to launch on Switch at some point in the future. However, there has been an announcement on the official Twitter that the company has decided to cancel the Nintendo Switch version and focus on supporting the live game.

More about Steep:

Rip through the terrains of a snowy open world. Strap in and suit up for some epic stunts as you ride your way to the peak of the excitement. Experience 360° of visual freedom while you explore the Alps. Let your gaze immerse you in the massive winter playground. Situational awareness has never been more fluid with the integrated Tobii Eye Tracking feature set. Using your gaze to shred the hills enhances your gameplay and lets you embark on the ride of your life.

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