Stellaris Preps for the End Times with Apocalypse Expansion

Stellaris Apocalypse Expansion

Stellaris is about to expand and kill off the human race with the Apocalypse expansion. Stellaris: Apocalypse expansion release date has been announced for February 22nd, just 6 days before my birthday. I guess I’m not turning 34 after all?

From the press release:

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that will be with you until the end, today announced that Stellaris: Apocalypse, the newest expansion for the sci-fi empire-destroying game from Paradox Development Studio, will be available on February 22, 2018Apocalypse, an expansion focused on new warfare options and galaxy-altering weaponry, will be available to Stellaris players on Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs next month at a suggested retail price of US$19.99. Pre-orders are currently available for the forthcoming, world-ending expansion on the Paradox Store, at

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