Stellaris Celebrates 4th Anniversary With A New Update, Free Weekend & More

The developers from Paradox Interactive are celebrating the 4th anniversary of the release of grand strategy Stellaris with the game’s community,

“We have always put the community first when developing and supporting content for Stellaris,” said Daniel Moregård, Game Director for Stellaris. “It is so rewarding to see this strategy help us earn the continued interest of a large and growing player base after all these years. Being able to reach a new all-time high right now makes the anniversary festivities feel even more momentous.”

As a part of the celebration, the team has released a new free update 2.7 called “Wells” today. This update reinvigorates the galaxy for PC users, with New Visuals, Galactic Community resolutions, Federation Joint Operations, and updated Habitats. You can find the patch note list for the update here.

Additionally, the developers have announced and begun the game’s limited-time trial on Steam. Between now and May 17th, the game can be played for free. If you decide to purchase the game, now might be the best moment to do so due to the massive 4th-anniversary discounts.

Thank you all for your continued support! We’re very thankful for being able to work on such a great game and to have such an engaged and great community!

Let’s celebrate many more anniversaries to come!

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