Stellaris to Get Synthetic Dawn Story Pack on Sep 21st

Stellaris Apocalypse Expansion

Stellaris will be expanding later this month with the release of a new story pack. Called “Synthetic Dawn”, the pack will come out on September 21st.

Stellaris – Synthetic Dawn

With Synthetic Dawn, you’ll be able to create an entire empire of artificial beings. It’s the first time you’ll be able to play the game from the start as part of the Machine Empire.

Story Pack contents include:

  • custom robotic civilization including portraits, different types of robots and more
  • sentient AI developed through a series of event chains and story features
  • “Rise of the Machines” where some of the robots rebel
  • a fallen synthetic civilization?
  • expanded voice pack

To explain some of the key features and important aspects of the new content, developers have sent out a video diary.

You can preorder the new content pack for $10 on the Paradox website.

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