Steven Universe: Tap Together Mobile Game Coming Summer 2018

Steven Universe RPG

SPYR announced today its upcoming release of Steven Universe: Tap Together, a mobile title being created in collaboration with Cartoon Network. Based on the Emmy-nominated Animated series, Steven Universe will set players in the world of Steven as he works together with his friends in Beach City to collect gems and ward off hordes of imaginary monsters.  Defeating monsters nets the player’s team xp and coins which are used to level up the team and purchase new characters and abilities.

The game is being developed by Reset Studios, a company that developed games across multiple platforms before going independent in 2016. James R. Thompson, CEO, and President of SPYR stated in a press release that,

“We are very excited to announce that we have entered into this agreement with Reset Studios…. We’re impressed by the team’s deep understanding of how to engage users through compelling gameplay while simultaneously maximizing revenue. Moreover, the success of the idle tapper genre right now reinforces that these are exactly the type of games we want to be publishing as we continue to grow our mobile game portfolio.”

The game is being designed as an idle tapper and SPYR is looking to launch their mobile title this summer. For more information check out SPYR’s official announcement.

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