Stick Em Up! This Is Heist Simulator

No More Robots has just announced a brand new strategic stick em up called Heist Simulator, and it’s playable right now.

Success is 90% preparation and only 10% perspiration, or so they say, and No More Robots new strategic crime sim is about to prove that mantra. Just announced by the same team that brought us Not Tonight and Lets Build A Zoo, Heist Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. Players picking up this sims style steal will find themselves tasked with putting together the perfect team, casing joints, and planning their way around a range of devious obstacles to steal the greatest tat England has on display.

As ne’er do wells steal treasures, valuables and questionable knick-knacks from across the Queen’s realm, they will face lasers, guards and locked doors across a range of well-known locations. Once the brains of the operation has a plan of action, players can let a heist take place and watch the results play out in real time.

When the vault is looking a little bare players can get their hands in the toolbox and challenge each other using Heist Simulator’s own level editor. Using some flair and hopefully not too much real-life experience, virtual crooks can cobble together a location using a ton of in-game assets, add some color with NPCs, and stack thousands of props in place to keep the competition on their toes. With a ridiculous number of potential combinations, this new sim sounds like a maddening mix of Mario Maker and Payday.

If you’re liking the sound of Heist Simulator, then PC owners can jump into a live playtest over on Steam. Just head over to the official heist Simulator Steam Store page and click on Request Access, before the full game launches sometime in the future.

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