Sticky Business Sets Up Shop Today

Design, decorate, and create the cutest stocker in business sim Sticky Business

Spellgarden Games and Publisher Assemble Entertainment are about to get busy with a brand-new venture today. Small scale entrepreneurs and design divas can begin building their own sticker empire today. Sticky Business launches on PC via Steam for £8.50GBP/€9.99Euro with a 10% launch discount today, allowing players to create their very own masterpieces, organize a storefront, and sell!

Creative types, and those of us who just want to kick back without taking on rampaging dinosaurs can pick up Sticky Business and open a new commercial venture. This sticker selling sim couples a cosy feel and relaxed soundtrack with multitude of ways to print and package stickers. Thousands of customisation options provide tons of ways to play. From frogs to flowers, or rainbow sweets, there are plenty of ways to express your own style.

Once the aforementioned merchandise is made, players need to create an eye-catching online storefront, upgrade stickers using experience points from past orders and manage sales. With plenty of new designs to pick and pack as the game progresses, this is bound to birth a very different type of business tycoon.

Hopefully, we’re going to see Sticky Business on streams soon too. The title includes a custom Twitch integration that allows viewers to place an order for the content creator to fulfil. Whether you’re designing for your own pleasure or a wider audience, is up to you. If you’ve decided to setup a sticker emporium, then head over to the official Steam store and check out the trailer above to get some inspiration for your new business.


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