Developers Answer Story & Lore Questions for The Surge

The Surge

The Surge is a hardcore action-RPG that comes to PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One on May 16th. Over the last couple of weeks the dev team was on hand exploring the world and plot of the game. Today they updated the official Facebook page answers to many players’ questions.

Some of the lore bits devs shared for The Surge
  • Events of the game take place in a not-too-distant future. It is important for the dev team to make players feel like the events of the game could actually take place.
  • The game centers on the “feel-good exploitation”
  • The details of how Warren ends up in CREO
  • What triggers the events of The Scourge

Following a painful, non-sedated operation he awakens from unconsciousness to find himself in a junkyard outside the factory walls. He’s still alive, but that’s not relevant to the disassembly drones trying to remove that valuable tech scrap from his body… using very sharp tools.

The developers plan to continue to expand the game’s universe through dev blogs. You can find out more or pre-order the game on the official site.

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