Strange Brigade Reveals new Character, Levels and DLC Roadmap

Grab your guns adventures, Rebellion’s Strange Brigade has pulled the curtain back on some new and interesting info including the DLC Roadmap. The quirky adventure shooter has released details on a new playable character. Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan is an ex-rodeo rider with a thirst for adventure and sweet loot. This new character comes equipped with the Wrath of Quetzalcoatl Amulet attack which, if screenshots are to be believed, is a powerful lightning attack. Season Pass holders can pick him up today while the rest of us adventures will be able to pick him and his amulet up separately in the Texas Cowboy Character Pack on your system of choice.

Players will also be able to try out three new levels and new Attack levels and one new Horde map. The sweetest part of this content is that it’s free for anyone who has purchased the base game. All of these are available now to try so be sure to log in and check it out.

Finally Rebellion has also mapped out its content plans for the rest of the year. For more information on  Strange Brigade be sure to head over to their official site and also check out our very own Rob Baddeley’s review of the title.

Strange Brigade DLC Roadmap

Available now

  • Texas Cowboy Character Pack
  • Score Attack – Harbin’s Dig Path II (Free)
  • Score Attack – Hidden Valley II (Free)
  • Score Attack – Tunnels of Wadjet II (Free)
  • Horde map – Palace (Free)

October 2018

  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice-Damned 1: Isle of the Dead
  • American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack
  • Score Attack – Stone Church II (Free)
  • Score Attack – Cursed Village II (Free)
  • Horde map – Tunnels (Free)
  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice-Damned 2: The Sunken Kingdom
  • Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack
  • Score Attack – Cut-Throat Caverns II (Free)
  • Score Attack – Forsaken City II (Free)
  • Horde map – Chamber (Free)

November 2018

  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice-Damned 3: Pyramid of Bes
    Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack
  • Score Attack – Great Pyramid II (Free)
  • Score Attack – Afterlife II (Free)
  • Horde map – Void (Free)

Egypt, the 1930’s. Erased from ancient history and buried in a nameless tomb for 4,000 years, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once again.

Only one troop of daring heroes can stand against the fearsome power of Seteki and her army of mummified monstrosities: The Strange Brigade!

Explore remarkable ruins, solve perilous puzzles and uncover tantalising treasure while blasting your way through an array of undead enemies in thrilling third-person action that’s certain to bring out your inner adventurer!

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Husband, Father, Gamer, Co-Host of Roll the Level. Here for the hack, slash, loot, repeat!

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