Strategy, Sci-Fi & PC Building Anchor this week’s Xbox Games

Xbox Games

Once again, Xbox One players have a plethora of great games to look forward to in this week’s releases. There’s something for just about every taste whether you’re into sci-fi or even building your own (virtual) PC.

Ancestors Legacy

First off the bat is Ancestors Legacy, a real-time strategy game inspired by history. Players will play through events that occurred during the Middle Ages and will be working to collect and manage resources and building bases. However, devs have given it a twist with large-scale battles involving fast-moving squads. With a cinematic camera, players get a first-hand look at the “vast battlefields” the game utilizes.

Stellaris: Utopia

Next up is tailor-made for sci-fi fans. Stellaris is one of the more acclaimed strategy games Paradox has ever put out and this week, it has expanded. Utopia brings players all-new ways to develop and grow their galactic empires. Keeping the citizenry happy is paramount, of course, but so is exploration. With Utopia, the ability to “push the species further out into the galaxy” is enhanced with special bonuses for fast expansion and exploration. For those who choose to stay put, there’s always the homeworld to protect from those “who would challenge”.


Does the thought of a “blue screen of death” send a shiver down your spine? Does a computer virus or takeover keep you up at night? Do you want to bring justice to hackers? If so, then Exception may be for you. “An old woman’s computer system is taken over by a virus bent on total annihilation”. The player takes on the role of an “ordinary software program transformed into an elite combat machine”. The goal is to retake the system and become an “instrument of retribution”. Check out this trailer.

PC Building Simulator

For those of a more cerebral bent, PC Building Simulator may be just the ticket. As the name describes, players learn to “diagnose, fix, and build PCs” all while simultaneously growing a computer repair enterprise. “With real-world licensed components and comprehensive hardware and software simulation,” players can bring their ultimate PC fantasy machine to life. Too bad not for real though…

Slay the Spire

While Slay the Spire has been out on PC for a while now, this week’s launch marks the first time on Xbox. The game combines the fun times of both card games and rogue-like games into one pretty sweet package. It is described as “an original single-player deckbuilding adventure”. Players will craft their own unique decks as they encounter “bizarre creatures, and discover relics of immense power to slay the spire”.

Other notable Xbox game arrivals

There are several other games of note that came out this week including:

  • Vasara Collection – a Japanese arcade shoot’em up that includes both Vasara and Vasara 2.
  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes – a classic point-and-click adventure game where Lilli heads off on a tough journey to find her friend Edna.
  • Gravity Duck – “Help a duck become super-rich” in this new puzzle game that literally defies gravity.
  • Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade – a game that pays homage to classic console RPGs from the 90s in an original fantasy world.
  • Aritana and the Twin Masks – Aritana is on a journey to save the Tree of Life in this game based on Brazilian mythology

You can learn more about each of these games on the Xbox Games Store.

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