Stray Received Patch #3, Improving Low FPS Camera Controls & More

Stray Received Patch #3, Improving Low FPS Camera Controls & More

BlueTwelve Studio’s cat adventure Stray received its third patch, addressing some of the issues reported by players. Among others, the patch fixes issues for GPU crash on boot and improves low FPS camera controls with keyboard and mouse.

Stray, a third-person adventure about a lost cat, released on July 19 and immediately won over the hearts and minds of the community. The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, with the story of a cat separated from its family leaving no one indifferent. In order to escape the confines of the city populated by robots, players will have to be stealthy and nimble – but it is not all dark and gloom in the neon-lit alleys. The game will allow playful interactions with the environment that will see the furry protagonist behave in silly and sometimes even outright annoying ways.

Stray – Patch 3 Includes:

  • Various fixes for falling through the world (we’ve tried to preserve speed runner skips)
  • Additional fixes for GPU crash on boot issues
  • Fix for the cat going out of bounds when jumping on gutters
  • Fix for the cat going out of bounds when landing on barrells
  • Improve low FPS camera controls w/ keyboard and mouse
  • Fix getting stuck on giving Seamus the tracker
  • Fix being able to talk to mahjong players during the breakdown
  • Fix multiple issues around VR headset render context issues
  • Fix various Polish typos
  • Fix various French typos
  • and more!

“Thank you all for all the amazing bug reports, crash dumps and well wishes! We’re all excited to bring you Patch 3 which handles a lot more issues you all have been reporting. We’ll be continuing to look into things so please send us your dumps, dxdiags and reports as before.”

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