StreaElements Adds Trovo But Will Streamers Ditch Twitch?

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StreaElements has jsut added the Trovo streaming service to its list of supported platforms, meaning it is just a little bit easier for streamers to ditch Twitch.

For anybody who hasn’t been paying attention over the last few years, playing video games in front of an online audience is big business, but standing out from the crowd takes a ton of work. Now, StreamElements is adding its array of chatbots, overlays, analytics, and merch making services to the Trovo streaming platform.

StreamElements and Trovo announced this new partnership today and anybody already set up on Trovo can log into StreamElements and get started right now. The partnership unlocks a suite of tools that should help tighten up the production quality of streams and lighten the load on individuals without a big money backroom staff to help manage the chat room and schedules. This includes:

  • SE.Live, a stream management tool built on OBS Studio, allows creators to chat, add activity updates to feeds, and request features for their stream. Further, updates from OBS Studio will ensure tools are always up to date with its latest developments, helping boost streamer engagement levels.
  • SuperThemes are thematic collections of Overlays available in a wide range of styles. These visually dynamic and stylized features can be implemented to match the overall appearance of any creator’s channel, allowing them to add widgets and choose whether they want themselves or their content to be in the spotlight. They also let an audience know if a streamer is starting, ending, or taking a break.
  • The StreamElements chat bot feature is used for everything chat-related in terms of moderating, timed announcements, and commands to engage with the Trovo community. Moderation plays a key role in setting the tone and voice in any channel or community.

What makes services like this extra appealing is the cloud implementation of these systems, meaning that there’s no need to sacrifice frames for cheer emotes while a new community goes live. While this all sounds like a great addition for existing Trovo streamers, the growing gaming platform will be hoping the additional tools will make it easier to draw more streamers away from Twitch, where these kind of tools are commonplace. Whether this continues to fuel Trovo’s growth, we will have to wait and see. To check out if our favorite streamer has found Trovo yet, head over to the Trovo homepage.

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