StreamCraft Wants to Help You Earn Money Streaming

Are you interested in making it big in the world of streaming? Quitting your day job through sites like Twitch can be tough but thankfully up and comers are joining the scene all the time with new services and incentives to entice you over. One of those new services is StreamCraft, brought to us from developer and publisher IGG Inc., and they’re offering quite the enticement to sign up and give it a try.

For starters, early supporters are eligible to climb the ranks in service’s Partnership Program. The first 250 streamers meeting the qualifications will become Founders and are qualified to earn 100% of their subscriber income as well as 70% of their income from Props, StreamCraft’s partnership program. Apply early, as those slots are sure to fill up fast. If you’re too late to pick up that role, you can become a Star Partner, eligible for 70% of their subscriber income and Prop revenue. The service offers multiple tiers with unique requirements and benefits but even casual streamers have the potential to earn some spare cash.

Just like it’s hard for streamers to stand out in a crowded market, it’s hard for new services to get attention too. To build awareness, IGG is also offering an invitation program allowing you to earn $1 USD in gems for every successful referral you make. This is a mobile only promotion, supporting the platforms easy ability to stream over Android and iOS on top of Windows PCs. Referred members have a couple of hoops to jump through, including watching 60 minutes of a stream, but if they become a streamer themselves are eligible to earn an additional 3% of their subscriber and prop revenue.

StreamCraft is available on PC with their in-house Content Creation tool or through OBS using a stream key. Streamers on iOS and Android can download a free app from their respective stores to get started.

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