Streamer Plays Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with a Lightsaber Motion Controller

The Force is strong in this one! Streamer Rudeism is playing through the latest Respawn title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order like a true Force user should: using his own Lightsaber motion controller. Additionally, he is also using a glove on his left hand:

“So, you’ve got two components: lightsaber and glove. Glove controls movement and Force powers. Lightsaber controls everything else: swinging to attack, blocking shots, deflecting shots, aiming, targetting, jumping around, all that stuff.”

If you had no chance to check out Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for yourself yet, check out our review to learn more about the game:

Jedi: Fallen Order has all the trappings (so far) of a classic “tale as old as time” Star Wars story – a coming-of-age story… While this may be an old formula, it works in the same way any other Star Wars power fantasy does: it puts you in the driver’s seat, steering Cal toward his destiny. 

With gorgeous settings in canon Star Wars locations and surprise cameos of characters from the catalog, the experience I had with Fallen Order brought me back to the Jedi Knight and Outcast days (minus the first-person aspects). It captured the magic of growing as a Jedi, overcoming insurmountable odds through fellowship, and the power of hope in the midst of despair. If Respawn’s delivery of Jedi: Fallen Order is the future of the Star Wars franchise out of EA, the franchise is in incredible hands. The Force is strong with these ones.

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