Street Power Football Celebrates The Nutmeg With A Panna d’Or

street power football Panna d'Or Trophy - Street Power Football - 300dpi

Upcoming street style soccer sim, Street Power Football, is getting ready for a summer of fun by celebrating the art of Panna with the Panna d’Or trophy.

More commonly known as the nutmeg here in the UK, the Panna is passing the ball between your opponent’s legs. For Street power Football, this upcoming title takes this classic show of skill and elevates it into an entire game mode. To celebrate this artistry, the team behind Street Power Football are set to announce their very own trophy, the Panna d’Or. Yes, it’s a made-up bit of fun and a clear nod to a more traditional footballing prize, the Ballon d’Or, but it’s another reason to watch a kickabout in the current heatwave.

Stats Time

Partnering with StatsBomb to track nutmegs across Europe’s biggest leagues and European competitions, the Panna d’Or will go to the player with the most nutmegs at the end of the 2019/2020 season, following the Champions League’s conclusion on August 23. While you won’t likely be up for winning this new award, Street power Football still gives players the opportunity to get one over on their friends in the Panna match mode. Achieving these nutmegs, or hitting the back of the net, in a one on one battle of skill will score a victory or you in a fast-paced urban environment.

If you caught our preview of Street Power Football, you’ll know this sin;t the only match mode in this twist on the traditional soccer sim. Rather than set 11 players aside, Street Power Ftoball follows the superstars of the urban street game, allowing gamers to carry out tricks, battle opponents, and of course nutmeg their rivals. You can check out more about the Panna match mode in our preview and on the official Street Power Football website. Until then, let’s see who wins this Panna d’Or.

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