Street Power Football Out Now On PC And Console

Freestyle football is coming to desktops and front rooms across the globe as Street Power Football arrives on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Out now across the above formats, Street Power Football isn’t quite your average PES knock off. Brought to life by Gamajun Games, SFL Interactive and Maximum Games, Street Power Football take the soccer ball out of the stadium and into the urban environment. Kicking about on street corners and on stage, players who take on this soccer challenge will just need themselves, a ball, and a heap of skill to score some serious street cred.

The New Game

Rather than find 11 aside, Street Power Football focuses on the freestyle element of world football. Split up into a variety of game modes, players will find themselves taking on a range of skill-based challenges as the protégé of Street Legend Sean Garnier. You’ll become the street kin as you take to the stage and perform a series of tricks that have more in common with rhythm games than FIFA.

Alongside the career mode, players will also be able to take part in the trick Panna game mode, where they’ll go one on one to nutmeg their opponents. While the trick shot mode dispenses with goalposts in favour of more environmental targets. Finally, for those of you ready for more of a kick about, there is a more traditional, small scale, skirmish mode included that leans heavily on arcade-style soccer sims of the past. Think Mario Strikers for example.

If you are not new to the freestyle game, then you’ll appreciate the inclusion of several famous names fro the game. Sean Garnier, Melody Donchet, JaviFreestyle, Andrew Henderson, Liv Cooke, Raquel Benetti, and many more appear, each with their own signature style. Frankly, Street Power Football is a refreshing take on the beautiful game that we were impressed by when we got a first glimpse earlier this year. If you want to learn more about this inventive new soccer sim then head over to the official Street Power Football website now.

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