Strike Up Carnage As The Banshee And Mirage Prime Exit The Warframe Vault

Strike Up Carnage As The Banshee And Mirage Prime Exit The Warframe Vault

The Warframe Prime Vault is opened earlier this week and for an epic inaugural 2022 release, featuring the Mirage Prime and Banshee Prime.

Warframe fans subscribed to the Prime Acess program were rewarded for their patience earlier this week, as Warframe opened up the Prime Vault for the first time in 2022, revealing two new Prime Warframes for players to pick out and cause utter carnage in. Developer Digital Extremes offered up a combination of ground-shaking acoustic powers and explosively deceitful displays with the reintroduction of these two Warframes earlier on in the week.

Originally released back in 2013, Banshee is a sound-themed Warframe. It lends players an ear, mastering the acoustics of environments. Banshees can easily locate adversaries’ weak spots and whereabouts before going in for the kill. After you choose your angle of attack, this sonic weapon can emit trembling vibrations to blast away opponents in any setting. The Mirage is a returning Warframe that first hit the scene in 2014. This beautiful reincarnation of the original dazzles foes with deceitful mirror images and explosive pranks while manipulating the spectrum of light. The Mirage’s blueprints can be purchased from the Warframe Market or acquired by progressing through the Hidden Messages quest, while the Banshee’s blueprints can be researched from the Tenno Lab in the Dojo and then crafted, or purchased, in the Warframe Market.

Like all Prime Warframes, these two new additions to the Prime locker come with increased base stats and extra Polarity Slots, making them worth the investment to pick up over the base variety. The Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime are now out of the Prime Vault for a limited time and can be instantly unlocked from the Warframe Market or earned by collecting Void Relics. If you want to find out how to acquire some Prime Warframes of your own or see what they can do, head over to the official Warframe website before taking on this massive online adventure and the recent Echoes of War update across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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