Strike Up The Band As Wonder Parade Marches Onto PC and Switch

Wonder Parade, a charming musical title from Studio Quare, has just been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Publisher XD has just dropped the beat and released a new trailer for Wonder Parade. Originally released as a mobile title back in 2017, this gorgeous rhythm title is now coming to the PC and Nintendo Switch consoles with a heap of new content. Just like XD’s recent Muse Dash, this musical title is crammed full of challenges for the more musically minded gamer. On screen, this title follows a band of cute animals as they march across a fantastical planet. Players taking part in their adventure can follow the procession through a dedicated story mode and a range of unexplored environments. Sweet Candy landscapes, Spooky Halloween backdrops, and ancient Chinese areas of the world are all waiting to be discovered.

The PC and console port of Wonder Parade includes a number of additional extras for the new iteration fo the game. The story mode is joined by a series of extra unlockable new characters and several new animations. While Wonder parade might seem simple enough, the gorgeous graphics, tight controls, and catchy tunes have earned it a wholly positive response from mobile gamers on Android and iOS. With a simple two-button control system and contributions from famous Sega, Taito, and Konami composers, its no wonder it has rave reviews. While the mobile version is getting a 50% discount on 31 August, I’m going to hold out for the console conversion just so I can get the full experience on Nintendo Switch. We don’t have a release date or price quite yet but you can find out more about Winder Parade over at the official Steam Store page now.

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