Strobophagia Rave Horror Is Scaring Up a Psychedelic Horror On Steam Today

Strobophagia Rave Horror is set to kick off a very different type of horror experience as it presses play on the Steam Store today.

Out now on PC, this brand new horror experience from indie outfit Green Tile Digital is certainly not your normal Halloween scare em up. Mixing a macabre psychedelic music event with first-person exploration, you’ll find a strange neon fate await you as you plunge into Strobophagia with Green Tile Digital.

“Our team spent years perfecting Strobophagia’s mesmerizing and gruesome personality,” says Ben Clarke, CEO of Green Tile Digital. “It’s an experience, unlike anything any horror game or EDM aficionado has ever seen. We can’t wait to dance, drink and lose our minds together with fans this Halloween.”

Press Play And RUN!

In search of the ultimate freedom of expression, players will be able to participate in wanton inebriation, wear fluorescent body paint and convulse to a range of original EDM tunes. Where this all goes a bit sideways is the ticket price. A sudden demand for the ultimate sacrifice from the Headless Rave Festival’s organizers pushes carnival attendees to use an in-game smartphone app mechanic to solve puzzles and connect with other ravers in order to make it out of the neon-drenched woods alive.

Strobophagia looks like an interesting take on the more traditional lost in the woods style Halloween affair and might be worth adding to your seasonal purchases. Anybody who does pick it up will get an extra treat, a 15% discount on the launch price. That might come in handy if you’re on the lookout for an RTX 3070 today. Check out more on the official Steam Store page for Strobophagia Rave Horror.

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