Stronghold: Warlords Devs Introduce AI

Firefly Studios have released the latest in a series of video developer diaries for the upcoming strategy/management/sim title, Stronghold: Warlords. In this episode, developers introduce viewers to the game’s AI via Thuc Phan, Qin Shi Huang, Genghis Khan, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. These formidable opponents range from 300 BC China to the 16th Century and “live up to the game’s title in their unique castle designed, army composition, tactics, and taunts”. Players will see everything from ancient Vietnam to the founding of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

“Obviously with our shift in setting, from the battlefields of medieval England and the Crusades to East Asia, we needed some new characters!” said Nick Tannahill. “Genghis Khan, Thuc Phan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Qin Shu Huang were exciting prospects for the team and, after several games using the same historical settings, it really was a refreshing change of pace. The new cast of larger-than-life characters still feel very Stronghold in their behavior, visuals, humor, and stature and we can’t wait for players to do battle with them.”

  • Conquer and command warlords across the battlefield unlocking more powerful castles, armies, and abilities.
  • Relive historical campaigns from 3rd century BC China, to the rise of the Tokugawa shogunate and the coming of the Mongol Empire.
  • Recruit new units including imperial fire lancers, disciplined samurai, Mongolian horse archers, and deadly ninja.
  • Raze your enemies with the arrival of gunpowder and new siege weapons like the hwacha arrow launcher, siege tower, and fire oxen!
  • Become the greatest lord through fear or admiration using a range of medieval entertainment, taxation, and torture.

Look for Stronghold: Warlords on March 9th for PC via Steam. Learn more about it here.

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