Stronghold Warlords – Free Build Trailer

The developers from FireFly Studios have announced that upcoming strategy/castle sim Stronghold: Warlords will include the much-beloved Free Build mode! To celebrate the occasion, the team released a special trailer you can find above.

Featuring a selection of large open maps to choose from, Free Build allows players to design their castle with next to unlimited resources and test its defences against wave after wave of AI invaders.

Invasions will come with a host of options, including a selection of unique siege armies to throw at your castle walls. Test your mettle against everything from squads of tribesmen and stealthy ninja to battalions of cavalry and armoured legions with powerful siege weapons. The challenge can be further modified with invasion difficulty settings and the ability to add random events such as peasant revolts, moth infestations and deadly roaming tigers. Players will also be able to create custom Free Build maps, adding their own events, invasions and warlords to capture.

Check out the official site or the game’s Steam page to find out more about Stronghold: Warlords.

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