Stronghold Warlords Release Delayed to 2021

stronghold warlords delay

Stronghold Warlords, the latest campaign from Firefly Studios, has been pushed back and won’t be with gamers until January 2021.

Upcoming RTS castle sim, Stronghold Warlords looks set to take a little longer before this new campaign of towering proportions takes on keyboard warriors. The independent studio behind the new strategy title has announced that Stronghold Warlords won’t now release until 26 January 2021. This is something of a push back for a game that we were expecting to see around September 2020, but the reason behind the delay is understandable. While lots of large faceless development studios might have the depth and money to make working from home an easy switch, it seems that the impact of COVID-19 on Firefly’s team has proved too much to stay completely on schedule.

“We hadn’t intended for the recent global situation to impact our development, and when we announced September 29th as our release date we fully believed we would succeed in meeting it,” the company said in an official statement. “That said, the effect COVID-19 has had on us as individuals, as well as a company, has brought us to the point where we’ve had to take a step back, assess what areas of development still need work, and make the tough, but necessary decision to delay.”

While this is unfortunate, it is an understandable decision and the upside is that fans of the long running series should get the best possible castle bashing experience possible. Stronghold Warlords takes the established Stronghold approach to top down strategy and allows you to recruit and deploy AI warlords across the battlefield for the first time. As your Mongol hordes, imperial warriors and samurai clansmen cut a swathe through your enemies, these AI commanders each boosts your strategic prowess with unique perks, bringing a unique twist to the experience. Have a glimpse of this system in the Genghis Kahn teaser. Stronghold Warlords might be taking a little longer to make it to the front lines but we’re sure it’ll be worth your time when it gets here. Check out more about Stronghold Warlords and what’s going on during the delay over at the official website now.

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