Styx Shards of Darkness Demo Sneaks Out the Door Along With a Steam Discount

Styx Shards of Darkness Demo

A Styx Shards of Darkness demo has sneaked out the gate and is now available. This is a great chance to check out the game if you’ve been sitting on the fence. If the demo isn’t enough to entice you, perhaps a 40% discount on Steam ($23.99) will be.

Styx Shards of Darkness demo & console news

The demo allows players to “sneak around” in the tutorial level of the game, a rather lengthy experience. Game play includes hiding, assassinating, stealing and generally causing trouble throughout.

The demo can be upgraded at any point to the full version of the game that retains progress and saves. The 40% Steam discount will be available from now through June 12th.

Cyanide also has good news for console players: The demo will be out for XBox One on Friday, June 9th and Monday, June 12th for PlayStation 4.

Key Features

  • A brand new adventure in the universe of a centuries-old goblin assassin, taking you to the city of the Dark Elves
  • New engine: beautiful graphics created in Unreal Engine 4
  • New enemies, new environments, new abilities and improved stealth mechanics for Styx
  • Unique co-op mode – join a friend’s game to sneak and stab through missions together

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