Subdivision Infinity DX Flies Onto PS5

Subdivision Infinity DX Flies onto PS5 today, bringing this sci-fi space shooter to Sony’s next-generation console.

Following on from an earlier release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Subdivision Infinity DX is now available for next-generation gaming, as it arrives on the PlayStation 5. Developed by Mistfly Games and published by Blowfish, who hit engage on indie titles like Infinite – Beyond the Mind and Element Space, this space-faring shooter pops players into the cockpit of a starfighter, and charts a course that is mainly aimed at revenge, with some flashy energy weapons.

Set among some epic-looking backdrops and the cold hard vacuum of space, players picking up this new iteration of Subdivision Infinity DX will find hardened intergalactic starfighter Sgt. Jed Riddle is out for revenge and answers as they chase down a range of bandits to obtain the mysterious Element-122. Across more than 30 star systems, Jed must explode minor inconveniences, more powerful fighters, and epic boss battles as players complete a range of story quests and side missions to get to their goal before anybody else. As things progress there look to be plenty of lost relics, mines to plunder, and minerals for crafting. Upgrades come in all shapes and sizes and should provide plenty of ways to play.

This mix of RPG systems and tight twisting dogfights is something we’ve seen executed well in the Everspace series, and there’s definitely a little bit of a Freelancer vibe involved too. This new port should prove another visual treat for anybody who enjoyed these. The move to PlayStation 5 means Subdivision Infinity DX can make full use of the hardware involved in Sony’s next-generation console, getting the best frame rates and, hopefully, the maximum resolution that the PlayStation 5 can offer. If you’re ready to take on the void and do battle with space pirates then head over to the PlayStation Store to grab Subdivision Infinity DX for $19.45 or local equivalent.

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