Succubus Is Coming to Consoles In 2022

Succubus Is Coming to Consoles In 2022

The developers from Madmind Studio have announced that their intense survival-horror/action-adventure Succubus will be bringing hell to consoles in 2022. Become a demonic priestess of lust, Vydija, and use her unique skills to take revenge on your enemies. Regain your kingdom making hell tremble under your hooves! Leave no one alive if they won’t bend the knee.

“Our friends from Console Labs S.A., authors of many successful game ports, will be responsible for the console ports. Succubus is currently their largest project and we believe that the effect of our cooperation will meet the expectations of console players.”

Succubus was originally released on PC via Steam and GOG and received very positive reviews from the community. The developers have recently announced the 2021 Roadmap for the game: Succubus will receive two DLCs and a number of free updates before the end of the year.

Additionally, the game has just received Patch 1.1 that fixed a number of issues reported by the community:

  • Adjusted collisions on The Great Kali boss arena;
  • Removed immortality from martyr in Mountain of Pleasure;
  • Fixed issue where an enemy might not be appropriately cut after the finisher;
  • Adjusted the World Map in regards to some localization issues;
  • Fixed some AI navigation issues on Derelict City;
  • ‘Perfectionist’ achievement is now possible to unlock (unlocks automatically when you have all quests done)!
  • ‘NEW’ text in-store now shouldn’t refresh on basic weapons.
  • Adjustments to many sounds and music in the game (too loud, colliding, etc.).
  • Fixed stiff tails in cutscenes.
  • Adjusted gamepad sensitivity curve;
  • Ice Onoskelis now doesn’t lose colors on death.
  • Fixed player spawn position after interacting with certain monsters.
  • Dying to UG doesn’t remove the post process anymore;
  • Fixed localization in Weapon Store and Comics;
  • Fixed Statues HP bars covering players HP bar;
  • Fixed issue when you could use selfie mode while using goblets;
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