Sudden Strike 4 Released for PC, Coming This Week for PlayStation 4


Kalypso Media has announced the release of Sudden Strike 4 for PC / Steam. The PlayStation 4 version is set to hit store shelves on August 15th.

Sudden Strike 4

The game marks a return to the well-known RTS series as well as SS4 being the first multi-platform release.

Players will embark on three huge campaigns all set during important moments during WWII. Commanders can take control of American, British, German or Soviet troops as well as  strategically place over 100 different units. Officers include George S. Patton and Bernard Montgomery to name but two.

SS4 includes 20 different single player scenes, challenge-oriented “skirmish mode” as well as competitive multiplayer. Players with a clever bent will be rewarded with special achievements, skill points and “unlockable” content.

There is more than one way to defeat enemies such as exploiting weak spots on tanks, ambushing the foe, taking over buildings with infantry and snipers and much more. Every time a commander replays a mission, it can turn out differently.

You can learn more on the SS4 site or by visiting its Steam page.

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