Summer Combat Takes Hold in Grip

The Sun is out but there’s no need to worry. Summer Combat is about to hit Grip so you won’t need to worry about rolling off out into the sun. Just wrap up in your own roll-cage and floor it.

Grip, the combat racing simulator that takes roll cage and brings it revving up into the current generation is about to launch a summer full of wrought iron action. The petrol headed competitors that somehow defy gravity are launching their brand new Summer Combat series as they draw in on the first anniversary of the game’s launch.

Grip is a combat racing sim that mixes tactical combat with some seriously gravity-defying flips. Taking inspiration from cult classic Rollcage, it does more than just play to your nostalgia. The game harbors a whole host of tracks, settings, weapons and customization options for each car. With a range of play modes including careers, time trials, and multiplayer modes there is plenty of action to explore.

Ready For Launch

The upcoming summer of action kicks off with a free weekend of racing for Xbox Live Gold Members. The first event gets the green light on 4 July 12:01 am and finishes on 7th July 11:59 pm. It looks to include full access to Grip with an added 50% sale for anybody who has the fuel economy to keep on going.

After this, the ongoing series of events moves on and comes to PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch and PC for good measure. Weekly developer races will augment the new content that is coming. This includes:

New Artifex vehicle manufacturer containing 3 new AirBlade and Roller vehicles (DLC)
• Two new free Space tracks
• New garage cosmetic packs to further customize your vehicles (DLC)
• New free Orbital Prime ‘Skate Style Park’ arena map
• New retro car DLC pack
• … and to be revealed new car, inspired by an 80’s classic

We loved Grip’s speed and polished control set when we went wrong side up with the game. If you are interested in leaving your opponents up a wall, you can find out more on the official Grip website now.

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