Summoners War Conjures 80 Million Players Around the World


Com2us is celebrating 80 million players around the world taking part in Summoners War. The plans won’t be stopping there either. The company wants to bring new features to the game to increase its popularity.

More! We need MORE in Summoners War!

Com2Us wants to add eSports to Summoners War. In fact, last month, it partnered with Amazon for a global tournament including a fair number of Twitch viewers. The plan is to make eSports even more viable over time.

The game launched in 2014 and has earned nearly a billion dollars revenue since then. It has “topped the charts” in many countries including the US, Canada, Germany, France, Holland and Singapore.

To celebrate the huge milestone, players will be able to earn points and use them for purchasing a number of items such as Mystical Scrolls, Crystals and Mana Stones. The celebration will continue through July 22nd.

Game features include:

  • Strategic game play with a Rune system to strengthen monsters’ abilities
  • customize villages
  • PvP battles including 25v25 guild fights
  • collect and train over 1000 monsters
  • explore dungeons
  • 4-player co-op
  • crafting
  • real time battles in the world arena

You can read more of the event details on the game’s official forum.

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