Super Arcade Football Kicks Off For Real

Super Arcade Football, a new take on classic 2D soccer sims, shot out of early access for a full launch yesterday.

Super Arcade Simulator is a love letter to top-down sporting sims of yesteryear. It melds retro style presentation with some modern upgrades and is available today. After initially punting this new footballing title into Steam Early Access back in 2016, developer OutofTheBit has played something of a methodical game while working its way toward the final release. Now players can grab a game that still relies on a simple control set that might feel familiar to fans of a sensible kind of soccer.

As well as furious games against the onboard AI, players can make use of a few modern changes and take this spritely experience online. Multiplayer isn’t restricted to the Steam community, however. Couch co-op brings the drama indoors for local parties, although let’s see how long the friendly rivalry really lasts with that game. Additional match modifiers can be turned off and on to change the size of the goal, boosting the ball, and other arcade enhancements.

If you’re not interested in beating your friends, but would still rather something a bit more old school than PES, then Super Arcade Football also includes a Story Mode; additional pitches that affect game conditions; custom tournaments; injuries; weather conditions; and much more to keep you occupied. To keep players in the mood, Super Arcade Football also bundles in a .MOD soundtrack from the hands of Barry Leitch, who worked on titles like Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Horizon Chase Turbo. This looks to be some fantastic escapism for anybody who remembers booting up their Amiga to stare down at tiny colored dots for some silly soccer fun.

Super Arcade Football is available now on Steam for $9.99/£9.99/€9.99 at full price, but right now players can enjoy a 40% discount to celebrate the launch.

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