Super Bomberman R – Bombs Away!

You are trapped in this crazy looking maze, on this crazy looking planet, and you can’t get out. You have been wandering around for hours and you just can’t take it anymore. What are you supposed to do? Well if you are a Super Bomberman you take out your trusty bomb, light the fuse, and run away so you get out of the blast radius. The explosion rocks the ground around you and you run to check the result. The walls are down and you are free to move forward. This is our review of Super Bomberman R.

Originally released solely for the Nintendo Switch, Developer and Publisher Konami, have decided to bring the switch out to play with the rest of the playground. The game is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Along with the new release comes new Bombermen as well. There are exclusive characters that you can get now including, Xavier Woods Bomber, Ratchet & Clank Bomber, Master Chief Bomber and so many more. For the full list please visit Konami’s webpage here.

Super Bomberman R brings you into a game world where you need to travel to and from other planets as you explore the different puzzle maps for each. Each world gets progressively harder as you progress through the blocks and hordes of enemies trying to defeat you. Fear not, you are Super Bomberman and you can do anything you put your mind to.

There are different game modes in this game as well. You start with your proper Story mode, which allows you to play out the story of the eight Bomberman Bros as they fight the evil forces of Emperor Buggler. They will travel to 5 different worlds to face 5 different villains in an attempt to thwart his evil plans. There is also Battle Mode which, as you guessed it, allows you to battle with up to 8 different players at once. You can connect up to 4 people from your one Switch console alone. There are different maps like Junkyard, Medieval, and loads more to get excited about.

If you like puzzles and you want to play something that is also kid friendly then pick this game up. On any of these systems, the controls are pretty basic and you will get hours of enjoyment out of it. My son and I play it a lot and he absolutely loves the battle mode. Play against other players or computer AI and it is just as challenging based on the settings.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a code provided by PR.

Super Bomberman R has already launched for the new systems and you have the ability to snag it now for the price of 39.99 USD for all platforms except Nintendo Switch, where it is still 49.99. You will have hours of fun with friends or family, even by yourself. Recommended!
  • Lots of Playable Bombermen
  • Story Mode
  • Multiplayer Battle Mode
  • Short single player campaign
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