Super Chicken Catchers Is Bringing Cluckball To PC

super chicken catchers

White Smoke Games’ Super Chicken Catchers is coming to PC on 18 February and it looks clucking hilarious!

After the announcement of DEEER Simulator, Super Chicken Catchers is the confirmation I needed that the animals are running the farm today. This upcoming sports sim come animal madness is an upbeat take on the kind of off the wall sports titles that made Rocket League massively successful. In a universe where Cluckball is the number one sport the universe wants to watch, Super Chicken Catchers throws players into an arena full of chickensns, aliens, and flying pigs.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Arena

The frantic action is set to push at least some new ground as teammates take the role of rider or mount. While riders can jump run and glide across the match, they don’t quite pack the same punch as the mount. Players controlling the mount can charge, attack, accelerate across the arena, and provide a lift to their chicken carrying comrades.

Featuring 2v2 action right now, the upcoming release is also playable solo, via local split-screen, and online as you and your companion hone your skills to reach the podium in the Cluckball World Championships. An array of colorful arenas already feature throughout the competition and winners of each bout can earn winnings and go ham, spending them on a range of decidedly unusual cosmetic upgrades. I fully expect Pigs in blankets at some point.

Super Chicken Catchers is already in Steam Early Access and user reviews look mixed. This might not be the only bout of animal madness today on gamespace but it is certainly the only one with chickens. Head over to the Steam Store page to pick up Super Chicken Catchers for £13.99 or local equivalent, or check out the trailer above for a glimpse of the action.


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