Super Crush KO Sets A Date To Rescue Chubbz

Super Crush KO developer, Vertex Pop, has announced a release date for some super colorful side-scrolling action.

On 16 January 2020, Super Crush’s protagonist, Karen sets out to rescue Chubbz the cat and an adventure begins. Exploding onto Steam and Nintendo Switch in a blaze of color, Karen will run and gun her way through waves of robotic enemies and a range of boss encounters. This hard-knuckled character seamlessly combines cracking melee combos, ranged weapons, and ariel combat to crush the contraptions that stand in her way and rack up some seriously high score. In anticipation of this event, Vertex Pop has lifted the lid on a preview trailer for the brawler.

“We are very excited to announce that Super Crush KO will soon be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam, packing fast-paced thrilling fights, intuitive controls, and colorful aesthetic,” said Mobeen Fikree. ”Super Crush KO is easy to pick up yet hard to master, but no matter the player level, everyone will have a great time smashing hordes of robot enemies in style.”

Cool Lines And Crushing Combos

Check out the trailer and you’ll get a glimpse of Karen’s combos as well as the awesome art style. Some hand-drawn graphics mix with a pastel color palette and a quirky soundtrack that are very much in line with Vertex Pop’s 2017 game, Graceful Explosion Machine.

Gamers ready to grab a jetpack, fire their lasers and crush some chrome p[lated enemies can expect to pick up Super Crush KO on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam. We don’t have any world on a physical release or a final price quite yet but this looks like a ton of fun and the sort of simple challenge that made Ape Out one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Switch. You can find out more about Super Crush KO on the Vertex Pop website now.


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