Super Kirby Clash Comes To Tetris 99 This Week

super kirby clash tetris 99

If you’re a fan of Tetris 99 then you’ll want to block out some time to catch the latest cross over event. Super Kirby Clash is coming to Nintendo’s battle royale puzzler.

To celebrate the launch of Super Kirby Clash, Nintendo is offering up a brand new in-game theme for anybody taking to the Tetris arena. Players who take part in the Maximus Cup in Tetris 99 will unlock a special Super Kirby Clash in-game theme. In addition, a 99 gem apples bonus will drop for anybody getting ready to try out Super Kirby Clash. To qualify for the bonus content, gamers will need to rack up at least 100 points during the next Tertis 99 Maximus Cup. Placing high enough in the cup rankings will result in an eSHop code in your account inbox after the culmination of the cup.

If you haven’t tried out the latest Tetris incarnation, Nintendo launched Tetris 99 earlier in 2019 and delivered a whole new way to play the classic puzzler. Instead of simply building a solo high score, the new Tetris game went online and pit players against each other in a massive head to head competition. The battle Royale iteration of this classic has been a definite success with a physical release and a bunch of DLC extras. You won’t need all these to get in and play the Maximus Cup, however. Players ready to take on the latest competition will need a Playstation Online subscription to access Tetris 99, and a solid internet connection.

The addition of Nintendo’s little pink superstar to the Tetris cup is no real surprise. Nintendo has been happily using its own games to push new games of late and this free to start multiplayer action game is definitely a title I’ll be picking up as soon as I can get some time among the mountain of new information out of TGS. If you are ready to get into Tetris 99, check out more information over on the game’s official website and pick up a subscription on the Nintendo eShop.

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